Goosefoot Community Fund: Whidbey Island

It’s a mission worthy of the beautiful place we call home.

Since 1999, Goosefoot has worked to maintain and enhance the rural character of our South Whidbey community while increasing its livability and its economic success. Through creative leadership and community partnerships, we are helping to build a thriving, socially vibrant rural environment. Goosefoot is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Many South Whidbey residents know Goosefoot by the charming Bayview Corner Cash Store—which we restored and now operate—and from the many community events we sponsor.

In September 2009, The Goose Community Grocer opened as a one-of-a kind collaboration between Goosefoot and The Myers Group. A revolutionary store concept, this “community grocer” model is designed to meet the community’s needs with great value, an emphasis on local producers, and a goal of supporting the community with store profits.

As we look to the future, Goosefoot’s impact on our community will continue to grow. More and more of you will come to know us by new environmentally responsible, economically sustainable real estate projects that will allow us to serve our community and our mission even better.