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Links to curriculum and resources to assist teachers with creating lesson plans about the environment and the Puget Sound area.

Kid Friendly Marine Display at the Coupeville Wharf

There are some great new kid friendly displays at the Coupeville Wharf – highlighting how Penn Cove is a mixing bowl for marine life, and how humans have lived near Penn Cove for thousands of years.


 For lots more background and pictures, see any/all of Dan Pedersen’s blog, some of the in-progress photos, and these stories of how the marine skeletons of Rosie the Gray Whale, Salty the Sea Lion,  and Rudy the Dall’s Porpoise got to the ceiling of the display over the last dozen years.

May 2014 – Kids @ Greenbank Farm

One hundred and twenty South Whidbey second graders came to Greenbank Farm for two days in early May  2014.

Among their activities:

  • a hike to the ridge to see both “sides of the Sound” and to hear about Puget Sound and its health and beauty,
  • learning about the sheep and chickens on the Farm and the roles that they play.
  • learning about native birds and habitats, identifying bird calls, and observing birds and learning to use binoculars.

It was a great two days of learning and partnership for all involved!

South Whidbey Elementary School

  • 2nd grade teachers – Betsy Hofius, Danni Curgiss, Leslie Woods and Laura Anthony

Whidbey ECO Network member organizations

  • Audubon Society
  • Greenbank Farm
  • SEA (Service Education Adventure)