Whidbey Waters Are In Your Hands

Logo showing beach on the left and black hand on a turquoise background on the right

In the early 1960s I spent many hours on our beach at Mutiny Bay serving as my elderly neighbor Helen’s “eyes” as she engaged in her favorite pastime of finding the tiny pearlescent shells in the tide line on the beach.  We’d spend hours on the beach together and during those days, she taught me to recognize the bird calls and to love the seals and otters and other life we observed.  So began my lifelong love affair with the “Waters of Whidbey.” 

Today, nearly 50 years later, I am extremely fortunate to still spend time almost every day on that very same beach on Mutiny Bay.  When I walk the beach today, I find that I am filling my pockets with tiny pieces of plastic, Styrofoam and other man made materials instead of those tiny shells.  While the beauty still remains, I feel more deeply the responsibility to care for this beautiful place that I have been able to call home for so many years and know that truly, Whidbey Waters are in our Hands.

Whidbey ECO Network has chosen “Whidbey Waters are in our Hands” as our theme for 2013-2014.  Through our monthly “Spotlight” features, winter “Science While Sipping” pub talks and a wide range of other ways – our member organizations will be sharing with the larger community ways in which each of us can find ways to integrate this critical message into our daily lives.  From Orca Network, WSU Beach Watchers, Audubon Society, Whidbey Watershed Stewards, Pacific Rim Institute – each of our ECO Network members bring a unique perspective and outlook to this common goal of protecting and caring for the waters of Whidbey. 

We hope you will check back to our Whidbey ECO Network website regularly to read our monthly Spotlight articles, learn about upcoming “Science While Sipping” pub talks that will begin in January and more about other fun, informative and educational opportunities offered by Whidbey ECO Network member organizations.  Let us know what matters to you – and how we can help you to integrate this important message into your daily life!

Susie Richards, Whidbey ECO Network Coordinator