Volunteers make it happen!

At our January 2015 Econet meeting, two attendees were applauded for the eight thousand hours they each have volunteered here on Whidbey Island.

photo of Jill Hein, Barbara Bennett, Connie Clark

Jill Hein, BW coordinator Barbara Bennett, Connie Clark

Jill Hein was in the Beach Watchers class of 2005, and is very active in Audubon, Orcanet, and Beach Watchers (where she supports the training program, Sound Waters, and just about everything else!).  In 2014, she was named “Jan Holmes Coastal Volunteer of the Year“.

Connie Clark joined Beach Watchers in 2007, and works quietly behind the scenes to make sure that all teams and events work effectively.  She uses her  expertise in all-things-web for the benefit of Beach Watchers (Sound Waters, website, tracking volunteers, classes in creative problem solving) and was instrumental in setting up this Whidbey Econet website.  She loves taking complex information and making it accessible – an early project was her EZID game – for exploring the intertidal fauna and flora of the Salish Sea.