Whidbey Environmental Action Network


WEAN had its beginnings in 1985 when a group of people came together in a campaign to curb roadside herbicide spraying.

On April 1, 2002, after a two year campaign by Whidbey Island No Spray Coalition, supported and counselled by WEAN, the Island County Commissioners finally committed to end all roadside herbicide spraying.

WEAN has a holistic approach to environmental protection.

WEAN’s short mission To preserve and restore the native biological diversity of Whidbey Island and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Tools: Watchdog – WEAN monitors logging, County government, development . . .
  • On-the-ground restoration – WEAN is currently conducting longterm monitoring and restoration of a prairie containing Whidbey Island’s only known population of a state listed rare plant species, Aster curtus.
  • Litigation – There are numerous laws to protect the environment. All too often, these laws are ignored, circumvented, evaded, or violated by the very governmental agencies that are supposed to obey and enforce them. When necessary, on behalf of its members, WEAN uses existing laws to protect the environment.

Web page: www.whidbeyenvironment.org/about.htm

Contact Email: wean@whidbey.net