Island County Shore Stewards

sign Island County differs in important ways from other Puget Sound counties. Our two main islands are small in area but dense in population and extensive in shoreline with more than 212 miles. And we have very few cities. Most Island County residences rely on septic systems for sewage treatment, unlike the more urbanized areas of other counties.

Since 2003, hundreds of waterfront residents, farmers, parks, port districts, cities and businesses on Whidbey and Camano islands have joined Shore Stewards to learn better ways of managing their land to preserve critical habitat for fish, wildlife and birds.

If you have shoreline property on Camano or Whidbey islands, or live in a community with shared access to the beach, and would like to learn how to preserve it for future generations, please sign up to become a Shore Steward.



Download the 2015 Guide for Shoreline Living (pdf)