Island County Health – Salmon Recovery


Welcome to the Salmon Recovery program in Island County, Washington.


The vision of the Salmon Recovery program is to ensure the following: 1) abundant, naturally-spawning Pacific salmon are using nearshore and coastal stream habitats in WRIA 6, and 2) diverse and viable populations of salmon, coexist with the human population, and support human harvest. Strong community participation in ecosystem protection and restoration is essential to the success of the program.


Designated as the Lead Entity under Washington State Legislation, Island County relies on both citizen and technical committees designated with overseeing the program. The Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC) serves as the citizen committee that oversees the Salmon Recovery program and provides citizen based evaluation of projects. The WRAC receives technical assistance and guidance from the WRIA 6 Salmon Technical Advisory Group. Members of the TAG include private, state, tribal, and local representatives with appropriate expertise in salmon recovery

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