Greenbank Farm


312771_291950047504205_280097412022802_979190_1253831634_n-1-300x266 gardening-300x225Underneath all our activities…

Greenbank Farm is a community-founded nonprofit organization which manages 151 acres of publicly owned space and a historic farm, located at the center of Whidbey Island.

Our community has defined four areas of focus which are important to them:

Local Commerce;
Natural Resource Stewardship.
We are building programs that teach by example that:

environmental stewardship is a necessary part of sustainable agriculture and commerce
agriculture is a necessary part of a healthy economy
nutritious food is a necessary part of a healthy life, made healthier by outdoor recreation
and that community is what keeps it all in balance.
Whether you visit for a couple of hours, come for the day, book your wedding here, make us a regular stop, or take part in our residential Organic Farm School, we hope you come with curiosity and leave with a deeper understanding of how human activity can work WITH the natural world instead of in spite of it.