Calyx Community Arts School


A 347-acre classroom at South Whidbey State Park. Calyx is a mostly outdoor, nature and arts based learning center for ages 5 through 8 that promotes outdoor education and deep nature connection for all children. Through a collaboration with Service, Education & Adventure and WA State Parks, since September 2013 Calyx has been based at South Whidbey State Park. Calyx also maintains a large children’s garden at South Whidbey Tilth, and spends time working with the kids in the garden each week.

Calyx works with partner organizations, Service, Education & Adventure, South Whidbey Tilth and the School for Knowing Home, to support authentic learning for the whole child by working in and through nature, and fostering care for the natural world. Currently in its fourth year, Calyx has served over 80 students through is year-round learning cooperative and after school.and summer programs.